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Lightning can strike up to 10 miles from a storm, in areas that most people do not consider to be a lightning-risk area? (Source)

Regardless of your views on global warming, our weather is getting worse? (Source)

Many businesses spend up to a half million dollars per power failure to recover from damages and IT disruptions caused by weather-related electrical events? (Source)

It is best to turn off your computer in severe weather? (Source)

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THE PROBLEM: As Our Weather Worsens, Related Electrical Events Are Frying More and More Computers,
Even Though Surge Protectors Are Everywhere

Myth No. 1: Surge Protectors Offer Total Protection
A common surge protector will stop voltage surges and spikes, but not the violent, catastrophic burst of current from a close lightning strike. Direct lightning current simply is too big to protect with a little electronic device inside a power strip.
Myth No. 2: Surge Protectors Last Forever
Over time a surge protector is going to wear out. Some give you a warning when they do. Many don't. If you know you've had a serious electrical event (like lightning blew out a transformer down the street), it's probably worth replacing your surge protector, just in case.
Myth No. 3: Surge Protectors Are Smart Devices
Though they offer good protection, surge protectors are reactive devices not always up to the challenge as a last line of defense against power surges. They easily can be defeated when your power hiccups in a storm. They use just-in-time technology that sometimes arrives too late.

THE SOLUTION: Off Fast Computer Protection Software Prolongs Computer Lives, Shutting Them Down Before Bad Weather Arrives

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Losing your computer isn’t anything like losing a loved one, but the experience is unpleasant and costly enough that you dread it ever happening, if for no other reason than the big headache replacing it all would be.

Yet, if you’re like too many computer owners, you wrongly assume your precious hardware is safe.

Maybe you’ve been lulled into a false sense of security and complacency because you use a surge protector, or because you vigilantly keep your anti-virus software up-to-date.

If this is indeed you, please let me share three hard truths with you:

Three Hard Truths

Do I have your attention? Read on…

It’s important to start with the understanding that everyday appliances and machinery are a common cause of electrical problems that can, and do, damage or destroy your computer over time.

These problems include power surges or spikes, which occur when an electrical device turns on or off, sending rushes of power or so-called transient voltage back down the line.

Suddenly, the energy such devices were using is diverted elsewhere in the form of excess voltage.

Related problems include power hiccups – power blinking off and on one or more times -- and power outages or blackouts. These problems also are caused by exterior events, such as electric company grid switching, line slapping, and bad wiring.

But severe weather is the computer's worst enemy.

Why? Because lightning and other forms of severe weather spur the most dramatic and destructive electrical problems, according to overwhelming evidence.

For instance, do you know...

  • The costs of computers damaged and destroyed by severe weather are rising and currently pegged at nearly $200 billion a year in the USA?

  • 87 percent of power outages are caused by bad weather?

  • Weather-related power outages have doubled since 1983?

  • 16 million thunderstorms occur each year?

  • Lightning strikes somewhere on earth each second?

  • A 17-month study, done by IBM in 49 cities across the country, found that an average of 128 electrical disturbances happened in each monitored facility every month?

  • While power surges tend to wear down equipment over time, more than 63% of all insurance loss-pay-outs on electronic equipment are due to power problems?

  • According to Consumer Affairs, standard homeowners’ insurance policies typically don’t cover damage to appliances from power surges, while renters typically must try to coax compensation from their landlords?

“Wait, what about surge protectors,” you ask? “I thought they protected my computer.”

Surge protectors generally are effective handling routine levels of excess voltage pulsing through your home or office electrical wiring.

Yet, these devices have lain around gathering dust for years, mostly unchanged and unimproved.

As a last line of defense against electrical problems, surge protectors are the ultimate reactive devices. They either work or don’t work at the very moment they’re most-needed.

And mounting evidence shows that too often they’re not protecting computers as the weather worsens and more hardware is being damaged or destroyed.

I know, painfully. I’ve lost two computers and all their contents over the years due to the power hiccuping in my home during storms.

Again, surge protectors handle low levels of excess voltage, but too often are tripped up by large voltage spikes and the power blinking off and on, or hiccuping, in storms.

So it’s time for a new, proactive solution that altogether avoids situations when a millisecond can make the difference between a disaster averted or a fried motherboard.

Introducing, The Solution...

Off Fast logo

Off Fast is patent-pending, cloud-based, Internet-of-Things (IoT) software based on tech-world wisdom that turning off your computer is one of best ways to protect it from bad weather.

It scans for local bad weather and then shuts down your computer before it arrives – whether you’re present or not. When the storm hits, and electrical problems threaten your home or office, your computer already is safely shut down.

Off Fast represents a new line of defense to home and office computers.

Bottom line: Your computer is vulnerable to a lightning strike or a branch rubbing against a power line as close as your own backyard or up to 10 miles away.

And lightning isn't the only danger. Rain, snow, hail, and high winds all can cause destructive power problems.

How long can you afford to entrust your valuable computer, software and data to a reactive surge protector alone when a better solution is available?

Don’t assume you’re immune. You need Off Fast. For peace of mind, download the software risk-free today!


How Off Fast Works: Simple & Easy Interface

Step 1
Scans for Bad Weather

  • Off Fast periodically polls for bad weather that can cause electrical problems harmful to your computer. It's minimized in the system tray, and only opens when an alert occurs

Step 2
Alert Triggers Shutdown Timer

  • When a local weather alert issues, Off Fast launches a 5-minute countdown to shutdown your computer -- even if you're not there

Step 3
T Minus 5 Minutes

  • As a timer counts down from 5 minutes, if you're present you may cancel the shutdown, shut down instantly or let the timer do so when it lapses

Step 4
Virtual Fortress

  • When the countdown ends, Off Fast shuts down your machine, avoiding any storm-related electrical damage to your computer, its programs or contents

Off Fast Delivers Several Benefits to You

Proactive Protection

Proactively protects your computer from storm-related electrical damage

Live On, Computer!

Prolongs the life of your computer

Keeps Computer Contents Safe, Too

Reduces need to replace your programs, data, and memories

What is Peace of Mind Worth?

Gives you peace of mind, even while you're away, that your computer is safe

Cross-Platform Compatible

Compatible with your operating system (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

Works in USA, Most of Europe

Works in the USA and much of Europe, including the UK, France, and Italy

Cloud-based, IoT Technology

Cloud-based, internet-of-things (IoT) technology, light footprint

Green Product

Green, eco-friendly

Weatherman's Endorsement:
"I would recommend Off Fast for every computer"

The past three days have been very active out here in Albuquerque. For Bernalillo County, there were a total of six Severe Thunderstorm Warnings issued by our local National Weather Service office: one on Saturday, two on Sunday and three today. Over the three-day severe weather event, Off Fast performed flawlessly in monitoring weather alerts and then shutting down the computer when alerts meeting my shutdown criteria were issued. Of the six Severe Thunderstorms Warnings issued by the National Weather Service for Bernalillo County over the weekend, Off Fast performed a safe and timely shutdown of my computer for all six warnings—a success rate of 100 percent! It is also important to note in particular, that during this evening’s severe thunderstorm event, we had several cloud-to-ground lightning strikes within 1 mile of our location along with convective wind gusts of 50 mph or greater.

I found the initial setup and configuration of the Off Fast user interface to be very user friendly. Selection of my weather alert criteria to trigger shutdown of the computer took about two minutes.

Overall, I find Off Fast to be a highly effective product to safeguard any computer from the potentially devastating effects of Mother Nature. With the user friendly interface and quick setup, I would recommend Off Fast for every computer.
Daniel E. Pagliaro Certified Consulting Meteorologist and President and Founder, PAGCORE Solutions LLC

Off Fast Also Offers Several Features

Off Fast is easy to install and can be up and running in minutes. It also comes with a Quick Start guide and detailed instructions.

Off Fast Features
  • Runs in the background, checking for local weather alerts
  • When weather threatens, program shuts down computer in 5 minutes
  • Gives users the option, if present, to cancel shutdown or shutdown now
  • Through your operating system, attempts to save work and close open programs before shutdown
  • Users may select which weather alerts to monitor, and how often
  • Patent-pending technology uses reliable weather alerts

Try Off Fast for 60 Days Risk-Free!

Following a free, 30-day evaluation period, you have up to another 30 days to try Off Fast. That means you have up to 60 days to request a refund. You may not request a refund during the free evaluation period (first month).

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