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Daniel Pagliaro
The past three days have been very active out here in Albuquerque. For Bernalillo County, there were a total of six Severe Thunderstorm Warnings issued by our local National Weather Service office: one on Saturday, two on Sunday and three today. Over the three-day severe weather event, Off Fast performed flawlessly in monitoring weather alerts and then shutting down the computer when alerts meeting my shutdown criteria were issued. Of the six Severe Thunderstorms Warnings issued by the National Weather Service for Bernalillo County over the weekend, Off Fast performed a safe and timely shutdown of my computer for all six warnings—a success rate of 100 percent!

It is also important to note in particular, that during this evening’s severe thunderstorm event, we had several cloud-to-ground lightning strikes within 1 mile of our location along with convective wind gusts of 50 mph or greater.

I found the initial setup and configuration of the Off Fast user interface to be very user friendly. Selection of my weather alert criteria to trigger shutdown of the computer took about two minutes.

Overall, I find Off Fast to be a highly effective product to safeguard any computer from the potentially devastating effects of Mother Nature. With the user friendly interface and quick setup, I would recommend Off Fast for every computer.
Daniel E. Pagliaro / Certified Consulting Meteorologist, President and Founder,
Review 5 Star
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