Off Fast Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work on my computer?
Off Fast is Java-based so it's compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux towers and laptops. It does not work on IOS and mobile devices.

Off Fast requires Java to be installed on your computer. Chances are it's already installed. If not, get Oracle's free software now here.

Does it work in my country?
The software works in the USA and most of Europe. For a list of countries it does and doesn't serve, click here.

How does it track bad weather?
It uses two weather services, the National Weather Service (NWS) in the USA and MeteoAlarm in Europe.

Any hidden fees? What about refunds?
No hidden fees. Off Fast is free to try the first month. Then it costs just $29.95 a year.

Checkout via PayPal and then download the software. You aren't charged until after the 30-day trial period.

Refunds are available up to 60 days after installing the free version. After the no-risk, 60-day refund period, you may unsubscribe at any time to stop protecting your computer with Off Fast.

Is a demo version available?
Yes, the first month is free for everyone to give it a try. No obligation to buy and you aren't billed until the evaluation period is over.

If a storm knocks out my internet access, does Off Fast stop working?
Off Fast goes into shutdown mode if it can't connect to the internet after two tries, interpreting this as a sign of local internet loss due to severe weather.

Does this site have an SSL certificate?
Yes. Look for the "https" (all major browsers) and green padlock icon (Firefox browsers) in the address bar at the top of your browser.

How often does it scan for local weather alerts?
Every 5 minutes by default so as not to miss any fast-moving storms.

Users may adjust the setting from every 3 minutes to every 10 minutes.

What types of weather are tracked?
The program tracks numerous types of severe weather by default.

Users may adjust the settings to track fewer or more types of weather.

The NWS tracks about 30 weather events and 15 non-weather events in the USA. Here is a list. MeteoAlarm's smaller list of alerts in Europe is found here.

What location is used?
The NWS uses county and state, while MeteoAlarm uses region and country.

You can change your location anytime.

What About Back-up Generators?
Generators come in handy in power outages, but are expensive and do nothing to protect your hardware from most electrical problems, including the power outage that necessitated the generator in the first place.

Does Off Fast work when my computer is in sleep mode?
No. No programs do except for some system utilities. But it takes just a moment or two to disable sleep mode in your operating system settings. Our instructions show you how.

You may turn off your screen when not in use after a certain period of time of your choice without affecting Off Fast's operations.

Is it adware- and spyware-free?
Yes. Off Fast contains no adware, spyware or malware. It's free of any malicious code or programs.