Discover the story behind the creation of this patent-pending software and what's coming next
lightning strikes several buildiingsThe idea for Off Fast™ came to me quite naturally. Over the years, I twice lost my computers and all of their contents to power hiccups at my home here in Michigan.

Both times the power hiccups occurred during storms and both times my surge protectors failed.

I started researching surge protectors. I discovered that, as with most products, some are better than others, but none is infallible.

During my research, I learned that it's best to turn off your computer before bad weather threatens. No solution is 100 percent foolproof, but turning off your computer offers an added layer of protection against electrical events.

I thought, "Turning my computer off is easy when I'm home, but what about all those times when I'm away?" I use my computer a lot and often prefer to leave it on and working for me while I'm gone, or present but preoccupied.

The Idea Behind Off Fast

I came up with the idea for a program that monitors weather services and, when a severe weather alert occurs, turns off the machine. Two provisional patents and a patent-pending later, I can now offer this ever-vigilant utility to you.

Off Fast is for individuals and businesses who seek a value-added solution for proactively protecting their computers, programs and data.

If you're like me, losing my computer and all its contents is one of my biggest fears. If you're even just a moderate computer user, think of your investment of time, money and sweat equity into this indispensable tool.

I dread the thought of having to manually replace everything lost in a storm, especially when it's so avoidable and unnecessary.

Businesses know that losing a computer also means lost opportunity costs, or the loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen.

A lot of thought went into the design of Off Fast, and I'm proud of the results. While nothing can provide absolute protection against Mother Nature, Off Fast provides an additional layer of protection to your computer.

This program potentially can save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in computer losses.

I recommend using a traditional surge protector - for now.

Let's face it, surge protectors are reactive devices. They go into action only as a last line of defense against lightning-fast power surges and outages. They don't always work. So, again for now, I recommend using Off Fast along with your old surge protector.

Why Do You Say Use Surge Protectors "For Now?"

Off Fast actually is a patent-pending combination of software and hardware. The software side is ready for use.

A functional prototype of the hardware side now is available. I plan to license the entire invention to one or more companies. More on that later.

Should I wait to buy Off Fast until the hardware side is available?

That's up to you, but I recommend buying Off Fast now. Why? Because it is low priced, and delivers immediate security.

Also, I consider the software a stand-alone product; yes, the hardware will make it even better, but that side of the product may not be available for a while as the prototype still is under development.

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I Want to Hear from You

Please consider leaving feedback about Off Fast. I always welcome testimonials from happy customers, especially those with true stories involving Off Fast.

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A Word to Customers

Thank you for joining me at the start of this journey. You are early adopters of this software. I value your business.

Now let me speak to companies interested in partnering on Off Fast...

Licensing Off Fast

Off Fast is a patent-pending invention that combines software and hardware to provide the ultimate in proactive protection to a computer and its contents from weather-related electrical problems.

What is the ultimate proactive protection? Tech experts agree that turning off and unplugging your computer are the best protection.

The software side of Off Fast turns off computers when bad weather threatens and wirelessly signals the hardware side to virtually unplug the machine, as well.

The software side is ready and being sold, at least temporarily, as a stand-alone product. On the hardware side, a functional prototype is available. Since it includes surge protection against the typical power surges related to electrical appliances turning on and off, traditional surge protection in the form of “power strips” now is obsolete. Yes, obsolete.

As the inventor of Off Fast, my goal is to license the entire invention to one or more companies. If interested, use the Contact page to get in touch with me and to request a Sell Sheet.

As an alternative, I may manufacture the hardware side myself. So I’m also interested to hear from companies that can produce the hardware at low cost and in low quantities at first. If that is not possible, please do not bother getting in touch. If it is possible, I’m interested in receiving a quote from your company.

Again, to be clear, my main goal is to license Off Fast.